Is Obama really the problem?

The State of The Union speech was entirely authoritarian, central-planning rhetoric. Like many continue to note, it was full of policy prescriptions that undoubtedly would make our founders roll over in their graves. Consequently, “Obama Derangement Syndrome” is again exacerbated. But does getting more furious with our current president do anything constructive?

Like it or not, Obama is president until 2016. Criticizing him personally will not change that, nor will it make any difference in 2016 when others are running for president. Think about it. When Hillary Clinton wins the nomination for the Democrats, Barack Obama’s reputation will have no bearing on her success. They are unique “political rock stars”, even though they are both members of the Democratic Party.

Too much energy is being spent trying to bring down Obama personally, rather than bringing down the ideology that has become mainstream. A president just announced to the country that separation of powers is no more, and that the executive branch will now make laws as well as execute them. Too many people are now open to the government working this way. That is the problem, not Obama. There have always been individuals like Obama, and there will always be individuals like Obama. The people are supposed to be wise enough to reject the notion of having a king.


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