Is the tide turning?

Today a House Oversight Committee will hear testimony from three whistleblowers concerning the Obama administration’s handling of the U.S. consulate attack in Libya last year. Particular scrutiny is being placed on Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State.

Many Republicans are charging that Sec. Clinton played a role in preventing an adequate defensive response when the attack began, and subsequently directing a misinformation campaign after the attack.

While the goal of many will be to destroy the future political aspirations of Hillary Clinton and bring down Obama along the way, there should be more that we care about. There is a possibility that the attacked consulate played a role in funneling weapons to Syrian rebels by way of Turkey. These rebels likely include Al-Qaeda. The CIA and other government agencies profess that they take care not to let weapons get in the hands of the “wrong” rebels. Chances of that being successful? Slim. And that opens another can of worms that you can follow. But long story short, it’s clear that when we meddle in complex foreign conflicts thousands of miles away there are situations that upset certain groups. As a result,  blowback is possible.

Clinton has so far deflected all questions concerning the possible weapons-transfer program and cover-up, but hopefully this once again becomes front and center. If the public at large becomes aware of this, the opportunity will present itself to change our foreign policy from one of interventionist meddling and perpetual war to one of peace and prosperity. If we do not change we will continue to become poorer and also suffer from violent retaliation at home and abroad, left with the absurd explanations that we are poor because “the rich don’t pay their fair share” and we are attacked because “they hate us for being free and wealthy”.


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