Violence and government

Gun control laws have become more strict throughout our history. Meanwhile, beginning with Columbine in 1999 there has been an alarming number of mass shootings. This contradiction should make us think deeper about what is going on.

We have a morality problem in this country. It has been growing for decades.

Does the government have a role in this problem? Government is not responsible for our morality. It simply cannot legislate morality, even though it tries. We have countless examples that prove this. But it is possible that government is unintentionally making us immoral.

As the government has evolved and expanded its influence and power it regularly participates in unnecessary violence.

People are arrested, jailed, harassed, spied on, harmed, and sometimes killed every day because of the “war on drugs”. In many cases these people have harmed nobody else or are completely innocent. Yet, we accept this because of the insistence that we are being protected. Meanwhile, drug use has not been diminished.

Innocent bystanders are injured and killed every day because of the interventionist “war on terror”. Exact numbers are unverifiable, but likely hundreds of children have died as a result of drone strikes in far away lands. It is very odd that we seem to not be bothered by this. At least not bothered enough to do something about it.

Could it be that those who have carried out these recent mass shootings have been desensitized because of what they have been observing? Guns have always been around. Gun laws in fact have been much more lenient or essentially non-existent in our past. Mental illness has always been a part of human life. We have progressively become better at identifying and treating the disease. It simply does not add up that we have failed to properly control guns or treat mental illness.

It is up to us as individuals to fix our morality problem. It’s also our responsibility to make sure our government is not a violent one that unknowingly provides a terrible example to those lacking sufficient morals.


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